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Mumble / Sep 21, 2011
So, Ragnaros got nerfed before we could get our kill. Boo-hoo.
Does this mean we give up? Should we sit in Stormwind and feel sorry for ourselves?


I don't know about you, but this just makes me even more motivated to kick some ass.

Just ask yourself, what would Channel 4 News do? I know what they would do. And it isn't "give up and go home."

So what do we do to get back in the game? How do we become the best guild we can be?

This means that we get our asses back in to the Firelands, we kill Ragnaros and we start doing heroic modes and gearing up for Deathwing. Lets get our casters their Legendaries and prepare to do the same for our rogues. Double our efforts.

Lets get our asses in gear and get the News Team to the top of the ratings where we rightfully belong!

Together we can do great things - lets pick up our game and shoot to be #1 on server to kill Deathwing!


Woot! Thank You Henn for your inspirational words.