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(Oct 11, 2012)
Cake cake cake cake
(Sep 22, 2012)
There's no fucking refund on a good friend
(Sep 02, 2012)
(May 14, 2012)
(May 02, 2012)
I threw it on the ground.
(Apr 26, 2012)
Nacho Pants FTW!
(Apr 12, 2012)
Best 30 Seconds of My Life!!!
(Mar 28, 2012)
(Mar 01, 2012)
(Jan 23, 2012)
Omg someone on recently! Yea just so u know i didnt disappear forever tell tal he coild kill me later
(Jan 23, 2012)
Desk Pop! Don't think just Go!
(Jan 22, 2012)
Yea i have no clue what the odds are of anyone seeing this as it looks like the last one to be on here was like a month ago so anyway computer hard drive blew out and crashed so need to get new one and restore computer so hopefully by the end of the week
(Nov 29, 2011)
Patch Day!
(Oct 31, 2011)
Hero Rhyo Is Dead!
(Oct 25, 2011)
Night is a dark time for me
(Oct 20, 2011)
Throw me some chicken!"~
(Oct 14, 2011)
Tadr Says Hi ALL!
(Oct 11, 2011)
more dots!
(Oct 08, 2011)
(Oct 06, 2011)
Loud Noises!